Numatic Commercial Henry NRV200 11



NRV200 is a commercial 580W Commercial Vacuum version of the Henry Vacuum - NRV200-11
A name you can trust - Powerful, innovative and easy to use, the NRV200 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner is a reliable, quality product that will have your cleaning done in no time, with minimum fuss! It comes from a brand you can trust, and offers all the excellent features that have made the  Numatic  brand what it is today. The Henry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner offers even more incredible features, and comes with an extended 12.5 metre cable offering an amazing cleaning range! The Henry commercial model also offers a bigger drum and more width to give greater capacity, as well as a useful caddy top for storing your cleaning products, so everything is close to hand.

 Features and benefits

  • Extended 12.5 metre cable
  • Offers a bigger drum and more width to give greater capacity
  • Requires little maintenance throughout its life
  • 9-litre dust bag 
  • Lightweight and has four wheels, giving extra mobility

Control and precision - NRV200 comes with a complete collection of amazing accessories which allow you to tackle whatever you need to clean. Everything is in one place, including a soft brush for dusting more delicate areas, such as ledges, skirting boards and computer keyboards. You’ll have no problem reaching difficult areas, thanks to the innovative, creative crevice tool, and the upholstery brush makes it so easy to clean your sofas and chairs.

No-fuss - NRV200 will work straight out of the box, and requires little maintenance throughout its life. He also offers a 9-litre drum capacity and 12.5 metre easy-to-operate cable storage system. NRV200 makes even the toughest vacuuming jobs easy, delivering superb performance on a wide variety of surfaces, including laminate, carpet and lino. Its huge, 9-litre dust bag makes sure all your dust and dirt is collected in a manageable quantity, so disposal isn't a problem. The bags are affordable and readily available. Each NRV200 comes complete with a bag, so you can get started straight away! NRV200 is lightweight and has four wheels, giving extra mobility.

Attractive, individual design - The NRV200 580W Commercial Vacuum Cleaner comes in an attractive red colour, designed to cheer up your otherwise dull cleaning routine. It will bring a smile to your face every time you use it, not just through the quirky, fresh design, but also due to the high level of vacuuming it will offer you, time and time again. Numatic is a global brand you can trust. Make sure you get your hands on the latest model in a long line of successful Numatic vacuum cleaners.

The NRV200 580W Commercial Vacuum Cleaner comes with a reassuring, standard A1 accessory kit with a comprehensive range of tough, quality plastic and stainless-steel tools.

  • 32mm Aluminium extension tube
  • 32mm O/D Aluminium tube bend with volume control
  • 1.9m Nuflex threaded hose
  • Double Taper Hose/Tool Adaptor
  • Crevice / dusting brush 2 piece accessory kit

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