About Us

mercurydeliver.com is local online business operating in Jersey that delivers everyday essentials direct to your door. There is a friendly, dedicated team of staff who pride themselves on great customer service and feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Launched originally in February 2007 (under the name mercuryathome.com) the business was set up to offer bulky household products to homes in Jersey. Since then, hundreds of new everyday products have been added to extend the range to offer fresh fruit and vegetables, a full Jersey Dairy range, Wine, Spirits, Household products, Personal Care and so much more...

In July 2010 the website was rebranded as mercurydeliver.com and the site has subsequently been upgraded to offer an improved and efficient customer experience that lists favourites, special offers and is easier to navigate.


Mercury Distribution Ltd

Mercury Distribution Ltd, a pan Channel Island company was set up in 1994 when two long established Jersey firms, Hawsons and Romerils joined forces.

The company is still privately owned by local people, however, in order to gain advice and knowledge from outside the Islands, Mercury is part of three buying groups in the UK.