Bold Liquid Tabs 2 in 1 Lav Cam Pack 13



Bold All-in-1 PODS® Washing Liquid Capsules: Clean, Freshen, Soften
Brilliant clean with built-in Lenor Softener
Escape to a magical field of lavender! An invigorating fragrance inspired by Lavender combined with refreshing Green Tea
Try the Dream Team: Bold + Lenor Fabric Conditioner + Lenor Scent Booster
Brillant clean even in a cold wash and with touch-activated perfume technology for long-lasting freshness
WASH COLDER WITH BOLD ALL-IN-1 PODS®: Save up to 60% energy (washing machine energy consumption, from 60°C to 30°C, normal cycle) in every wash and reduce your laundry’s CO₂ emissions
ECOCLIC CARDBOARD BOX: Let's reduce plastic with Bold All-in-1 PODS® washing capsules now coming in a recyclable cardboard box, containing maximum 5% plastic, designed to preserve your PODS®
100% WATER-SOLUBLE FILM: Laundry detergent PODS® have a 100% water-soluble film


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