Vileda Sponge Scourer Green Pack 10



Product Information
Did you know our Vileda Professional PurActive Scourers are suitable for use on most surfaces? This green sponge scourers easy lift stubborn grime whilst offering gentle scrubbing power on hard surfaces without damaging your surfaces or crockery! As these PurActive foam scourer’s have a special coating that is designed to make removing stubborn grime easy whilst still remaining gentle on hard surfaces make them the absolute perfect choice for any kitchen. PurActive cleans three times more effectively than traditional non-scratch scourers and is more gentle on surfaces than a traditional abrasive scourer. With a soft backing that offers good grip and enhances ergonomics whilst the alternative side of the scourer is a hard working partner that cleans several kinds of surfaces to a shiny results. This sponger scourer measure 140x68mm and is sold in a pack of 10. You can also save some money and buy a case of 100 for additional discount!

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