Purell Hand Sanitiser Gel 100Ml Case 24




Purell Hygienic Hand Rub is a scientifically advanced formulation designed for maintaining hand hygiene.

The product is effective against bacteria, and is tuberculocidal and mycobactericidal according to EN 14348. It is also virucidal according to EN 14476 and fungicidal and yeasticidal according to EN 1275 and EN 13624.

The hand rub leaves your hands feeling soft and healthy, combining antimicrobial efficacy and proven maintenance of skin health.

The product is an economical size and is ideal for maintaining hand hygiene in the work place. The fast acting ingredients in the gel make hand hygiene compliance more practical. The product is effective in as little as 15 seconds.

No water or towels are needed for using the product, simply pump the gel into your hands for soft and refreshed skin.

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