Finish Quantum Max Pack 18




Quantum max dishwasher tablets has benefits of 12 vigorous cleaning actions all from one compact tablet with finish Powerball quantum max shine and protect. Keeping your dishwasher in peak condition and getting the best results for your dishes.

The new formula gives ten actions from one compact tablet, ensuring the best for your kitchen. At the start of your wash the Powerball begins fizzing away, releasing deep cleaning agents. One side of the dual-layer tablet sets to work lifting away tough stains, cutting through everything from tea stains to grease.

Meanwhile the other sides salt function delivers an even shine on glassware and dishes alike, providing added protection against glass corrosion. The added shine booster maintains a sparkling shine for longer. Its low temperature action means that your dishes can be cleaned at 50 degree, cutting your energy consumption and saving you money. With added limescale protection for your machine, it's not just the dishes that end up sparkling.

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